Our customers tell us what is the product they need.
We provide options associated with cost / benefit factors to consolidate a project.
We sign a service contract to protect both parties.

Artifacts Pre-Production


We start the production of all items included in the approved project.
This includes the daily filming, soundtracks, animations, etc.

Artifacts Production


We gather in the editing station all the material produced.
We make corrections and final treatments before send a sample of the final product to the customer.

Artifacts Post-Production


Our client analyzes and passes on corrections and modifications it deems relevant.
After all the changes are made, we sent a second cut to a new analysis.
This process continues until our customer is fully satisfied with the final material.

Artifacts Approval


Once approved, the material will be finished in high resolution.
It will be delivered to our customer according to the requested format at the beginning of the project.

Artifacts Delivery